As a first time user, we'll take a brief moment to get your client registered with the Win Win app. Press the Register button to continue.


Let's get your client registered with the Win Win app and connected to you via your personalized "Registration code". This will be your opportunity to make sure that your client's contact information is entered correctly, the connection to you is linked securely and will also be the only time that your client will ever have to register or log in to the Win Win app on their phone. When each line of your client's info has been entered, press the "Register" button on the screen.


This landing page means that you've successfully registered your client with the Win Win app, your client is now ready to start sending family and friends to you for new business. Press the "Make Referral" button and let's have a look at the referral message screen.


This is a salesperson's favorite part of the Win Win app, this screen allows your client to quickly and easily collect the referral prospect's contact information and with the press of the "WIN!" button, that information will be sent directly to you via your salesperson's version of the Win Win app, giving you the instant opportunity to reach out and contact your new potential client. As an added convenience, the Win Win app will instantly send a confirmation email to your current client and also to the new referral prospect introducing you and providing your personalized contact info details.