The client is excited, the deal is done, what started with a handshake has closed with a high five. In business, good relationships should never end, now win win Referrals is streamlining post-sale referral communications, keeping satisfied customers and trusted businesses connected.

Oh yeah, we did we mention rewards? Every business works hard to spread their word and gain that next client, and across all markets, the personally recommended referral client is industry gold, and for that there are countless perks just waiting to be gifted back; cash, gift cards, concert tickets, you name it, win win is putting referral rewards right back into the pockets of loyal clients.

win win was started by a seasoned Manhattan real-estate agent who was tired of running into satisfied clients who would happily shake his hand and thank him again on a random subway run-in, but only to find out that they wish they'd still had his number or email for a friend who'd just rented elsewhere. WinWin is the digital app solution to keeping valued business contacts saved, accessible and quickly usable for when that, "I know just the guy" conversation may come up at a party, bar, barbecue or anywhere!